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We help first time buyers, investors and everyone in between. We look forward to understanding your goals!

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About Los Gatos:

Why I love Los Gatos:
Los Gatos is a destination for those seeking great restaurants, a phenomenal workout or a sumptuous spa experience  and a cherished place to live. It’s nestled amongst the hills and, if you’re not in a charming Victorian home in the flats, you are in the hills with trees, terraces of beautiful flora and perhaps a sweeping view. Many of these streets look like they came out of a story book and this town will give your life a story.

Things to do in Los Gatos
Stroll the downtown with endless coffee, wine and food options.  Leave the big box stores behind and shop in original boutiques for one-of-a-kind clothes or knick knacks.  The Sunday farmer’s market around Town Plaza Park is loaded with organic produce, fresh flowers and made-to-order delights.

Hike the trails up to Lexington Reservoir and drink in the great views of the green hills.
Parks in Los Gatos would need their own website but here are a few of my favorite:

Vasona Park is 152 acres, has a lake for paddle boarding, a train for all ages and at Christmas Time “Festival of Lights” that will is worth the walk or drive through experience.

Adjacent to Vasona Park is Oak Meadow Park which has a merry-go-round, an expansive open field to play on and unique play structures for the kids.

Belgatos Park is on the outskirts of town and is less known but has great hiking, good parking and a great space for kids to play.  This neighborhood is not as pricey as homes closer to town but it is a gem.

My favorite restaurants in Los Gatos

Zona Rosa
is an upscale Mexican restaurant that accommodates vegans and carnivores with each dish looking and tasting like a work of art.

Lexington House has now expanded due to its popularity.  Such great food and always a lively atmosphere.

is a renowned farm-to-table dining experience that you will not quickly forget.
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The Goal: Lasting Partnerships

...Once we used Laila, she was our agent for life. She has sold and bought two homes for us now and we can’t rave about her enough. She is so supportive, incredibly patient, knowledgeable, informative, professional, communicative, efficient, personable, honest, reliable, and genuine. She took care of everything and we never had to worry about a thing. We recommend her to everybody as she is simply the best!
Tiffany Fairchild, San Jose

For Buyers

When it comes to purchasing Los Gatos, CA real estate, it's important to be with an experienced, reliable real estate agent. That's exactly what Laila Fields is. She can help you purchase Los Gatos real estate homes through a five-step procedure whether you're looking for a single-family or multi-family home.

The first step to purchasing real estate in Los Gatos, CA, with Laila Fields, is an initial consultation. It's this one-to-one relationship that's essential to Laila's success. 

Next, you will be matched, if needed, with a local lender that suits your needs. 

You can then describe your dream home: whether you want your house to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 baths or beds, a separate garage, or anything else. We also discuss what school district you want to be in, as well as your ideal zip code. If you're planning on building new construction, then you can suggest your ideal lot size in acres, and desired home size in square feet.

Your agent will then be active in trying to find you a new house in Los Gatos, CA, that you'll fall in love with. You may attend open houses and viewings to find your new home. An open house is a great opportunity to see what the beds, baths, garage, and other features look like in person. After open houses and visits, when you've found your dream Los Gatos, CA home, then you can make an offer. Your agent will guide you through this process, using their market expertise to ensure that you pay the right price - a price that suits you.

For Sellers

Suppose you're looking to make a sale of your home. Whether your Los Gatos, CA home is a multi-family townhouse or single-family house, then Laila Fields will make a sale for your desired price.There are five steps to making a successful sale of your home with Laila Fields.

First, you will meet your Los Gatos, CA real estate agent, discuss the market, your chances of a sale, your ideal price, and how to make a sale more speedy. Your house will then be put online and advertised with other Los Gatos, CA real estate homes for sale. It will be found on Laila Fields' website and on websites that show homes for sale by other real estate agents, such as Golden Gate Sotheby s International Realty, Coldwell Banker, Sereno Group, and others. Your home will show up with new listings, so active buyers seeking a new home will be able to see your home on these listings when they search for listed properties.

To ensure you make a sale, Laila Fields will visit your Los Gatos, CA home, advise you on how to spruce up your house so that a sale is made more likely. This might involve cleaning or tidying your house, or a complete home staging. When photos are taken, how the house and garage look in photos will be taken into account, as your home must look good on listings websites.

Marketing is a key part of Laila Fields' business. It's how she makes a sale and is why many homeowners prefer her over Coldwell Banker, Intero Real Estate Services, and other big companies that sell Los Gatos, CA homes. She will take beautiful photographs of your home and create useful information to go on the marketing material. She will also inform you of days when open houses can be organized so that your Los Gatos, CA house can be viewed by potential buyers making a sale more likely.

When a buyer is interested in your home, Laila Fields will advise you on the sale, ensuring that you get the best price for your house. She will guide you through all the important steps to making a sale. It might take more than a few days, but you will get the right price eventually, and once the sale has been made, you can crack open a bottle of champagne.


Is Los Gatos Expensive?

You only need to look at Los Gatos, CA, real estate homes for sale to see a wide range of properties for sale in different price ranges. It's a matter of opinion as to whether you think the homes for sale in Los Gatos, CA, are expensive or not. In terms of numbers, however, the median house sale price last year was $1,674,000, which is higher than nearby San Jose.

Looking at median prices when buying a home can be misleading, though. You only need to look at listings websites and the websites of property agents like Coldwell Banker to see that prices vary widely. For example, a single-family house with three beds and two baths will cost a lot less than a multi-family townhouse with more beds and baths. The number of beds and baths will always define your price range.

We can also look at the average price per sq ft. As the sq, ft average is a good way of gauging how expensive an area is. According to one popular website, the price per sq ft in Los Gatos is $862. Another website suggests the price per sq ft is $841. San Jose, which is near Los Gatos, has a price per sq ft of $654. So, you can see from the price per sq ft that Los Gatos is more expensive. It's even more than San Francisco, which has a price per sq ft of $810.

The price of your home in Los Gatos, CA, will also depend on location. There are more certain zip codes that are more desirable than others. The school district will also be important. For families, a good school needs to be in the locality. And, fortunately, in Los Gatos, CA, there isn't just one great school. You can find an amazing school in several areas of Los Gatos, CA.

If you find a home near a good school, with acres of land, a large sq ft of floor space, numerous beds, and baths, then you might have to pay extra. Indeed, Los Gatos, CA isn't cheap, especially compared to San Jose. But Los Gatos, CA is an expensive area for a reason. It's a desirable, exclusive area. Los Gatos is also part of Silicone Valley, and because of the high salaries that workers in Silicone Valley are paid, this pushes up the average prices in Los Gatos.

What is there to do in Downtown Los Gatos?

There are many great ways to spend your days in downtown Los Gatos as an active person.

You can head down to the Los Gatos shopping district to see what's for sale and find yourself some new threads.

You could also visit the Whitney Modern Contemporary Fine Art gallery. There's nothing more magical than days spent looking at fine art.

You could also visit the farmer's market to purchase tasty fruit and veg that were picked only days ago. Unfortunately, the farmer's market isn't in Los Gatos but near Los Gatos in Campbell. Don't worry; it won't take 7 days or 4 days or even 2 days to get there. It's only 5 miles from downtown Los Gatos, CA.

The days aren't the only time to explore Los Gatos. There is vibrant nightlife too. The Cats Tavern, Jack Rose Libation House, Charley's LG, and Los Gatos Lodge Bar & Grill are just a few great places you can while away the evenings after long days at work.

What is Los Gatos, CA Famous For?

Perhaps the most famous thing about Los Gatos is the fact that Netflix has its headquarters based there.

Los Gatos is also famous for the bobcats and cougars that are native to the area. Famous people have lived in Los Gatos over the years, including John Fontaine, Neal Cassidy, and Olivia de Havilland.

Is Los Gatos a Good Place for Kids?

Los Gatos is listed amongst one of the best places in America for kids to grow up in. Of course, there is more than one superb school for a kid to attend in Los Gatos. And after school, there is a lot for a child to do too. For example, you can take children to Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad, CraftBox, or Oak Meadow Park. A visit to the New Museum Los Gatos can help kids who excel in school and expand their minds.

About Laila

Laila Fields has been a significant player on the Los Gatos real estate map for a long time now. She is known for being passionate about her work, loving nothing more than helping families, investors, and others buy their dream home or make a killer sale. She is listed among the most respected and admired agents in the Los Gatos area, thanks to her success history.

Laia Fields stands out above her peers because she desires to work closely with her clients. She provides one-on-one services that ensure that her clients feel confident that Laila understands what they want. The key to buying or selling a home has an agent you can trust and be there for you every step of the way.

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