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Apple Campus 2 - The Future is Here!

Apple Campus 2

Apple's new campus looks like a sleek spaceship that landed in the middle of a forest in Cupertino, CA. The main building, with its distinctive donut shape, was designed by Norman Foster. As the founder and chairman of Foster + Partners, he has been involved with both public and private architectural projects on an international scale - and has the Knighthood to prove his merit. With the heavy emphasis on design and aesthetics that Apple places on all their products, it comes as no surprise that they hired a man who seems to have garnered every possible award and accolade, including that highest honor for a British citizen.The project is scheduled to be finished sometime in 2016, and will include a 90,000-square-foot cafeteria, a gorgeously landscaped entrance, and a stunning glass pavilion for press conferences and events. Taking the futuristic, space-age theme to the next level, visitors will be able to descend to an auditorium through what looks like a portal in the floor of the pavilion.

Apple Campus 2 Pavilion

Some commuters might consider the dedicated, below-ground parking structure to be the best feature of all - no vying for the last parking spot in the city, or scrambling for quarters to pay the meter. In keeping with Apple's thoroughly modern attitude, the second parking garage will include solar panels on top and live plants growing down the sides - enough to run the entire facility on renewable energy.

Apple parking structure

In addition to providing electricity and fresh oxygen to employees, Apple will also be maintaining the surrounding parkland for their enjoyment AND providing a state-of-the-art fitness center in a nearby building. These latest renderings of Apple Campus 2 are sure to put Apple closer to the top of the "Best Company to Work For" rankings. With the capability to house 13,000 designers and engineers under one roof, the future of Apple is looking brighter (and more high-tech) than ever.Check out all the details and the full slideshow at

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