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Foreclosure rates are almost at pre-crisis levels

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has released their National Delinquency Survey, announcing that foreclosure rates have declined to the lowest level in six years! These rates are almost at the pre-housing crisis levels, which is a sign that the market is showing healthy improvements. This is especially good for California residents, who had the most indebtedness per-capita in the country as of August 2013.The vast majority of the current delinquent loans originate from 2007-2009, showing that borrowers with loans from this time period are still at risk for traditional delinquency and foreclosure from divorce, unemployment, death in the household, etc. However, now that the housing market is finally starting to stabilize, buyers and sellers will be able to use this increased predictability to make better long-range plans to buy or sell their homes.If you would like to learn more about the decrease in foreclosures and what it could mean for you, contact Laila today for a free market analysis!

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