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Must-Haves for Every Home Owner... always has the best photo lists, on all kinds of topics. I especially loved this one, called "36 Things You Obviously Need in Your New Home". I know it might be hard to find a house that has ALL of these incredible design elements at once, but it's fun to imagine! As a real estate agent, my greatest reward comes from helping you find your dream home, filled with whatever crazy-cool features you can think of.Here are a few of my personal favorites:1. Firepit in the Middle of the Pool

best home designs - pool firepit

Even the most gorgeous California day can get a bit chilly at night, but it's never too cold for a quick swim... why not enjoy a perfect evening relaxing around the firepit built into your pool?2. Trapdoor to the Wine Cellar

best home designs - trapdoor wine cellar

Living in such close proximity to some of the best wineries in the country makes it easy to start collecting your favorite bottles. Display your stock of California's best wines in style, with easy access right from the kitchen!3. A Two-Story Closet

best home designs - two story closet

Okay, be truthful... is there a woman out there who wouldn't love a closet with this much storage space? No more under-bed storage boxes or vacuum-compressed bags for your out-of-season clothes - just move it to the closet on the second floor until spring.4. Built-in Drying Rack

best home designs - built-in drying rack

It sounds boring compared to some of the others, but this sleek built-in drying rack behind the sink matches the modern kitchen perfectly and frees up valuable counter space. Sometimes, it's the little things that make us happy.5. Eco-Friendly Door Handle

best home designs - eco-friendly doorhandle

Saving energy is good for the planet AND good for your electric bill, but it's not very practical to switch off all of your utilities every time you leave the house. What if your door handle could do it for you?Read the rest of the article here for more home inspiration. Most of these ideas are truly fantastical, but some of them are achievable features that bring that extra-special touch to your home. Find a house with the little luxuries that make you feel like you are truly at home. And remember, as the author says... you can never have too many waterfalls!

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