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"Smart Homes": Using Technology to Buy a Better House

A recent poll from Discover Home Loans shows that online resources are becoming an integral part of the home-buying process, with 9 out of 10 buyers stating that they used various online tools and technology to help them find the perfect home. More than 50% of the buyers said that using these resources saved them money on their home, while 92% said it saved them time. The majority of home buyers who used technology during the buying process said they felt more confident about their decisions, and ultimately more satisfied with their purchase.According to the poll, the top three online resources being put to use by these potential home buyers are tools that help them scan real estate listings, view maps of neighborhoods and surrounding areas, and submit documents to lenders. Websites, email, and various real estate apps are all playing an increasingly important role in the home-buying process. The ability to preview homes, as well as the opportunity to read reviews on real estate agents and mortgage lenders, allows home buyers to be better informed about the purchasing process.However, the increased availability of these tech tools and resources has not become a replacement for real estate agents. 83% of the home buyers that were polled said that they still work with a real estate agent to purchase their home. Home-buying tech appears to be a very useful supplement during the process (and three-quarters of the buyers said it is very important that their agent be tech-savvy as well), but ultimately, the guidance of an experienced real estate agent is still the key to a successful home purchase or sale.If you're interested in utilizing some of these great online resources in your own home-buying process, please check out the rest of my website at! In addition to a custom home search feature, we offer a number of resources for prospective buyers and sellers - and as always, please feel free to contact me directly by email ( or by phone (408-605-8741).

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