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Staging For Success

When you’re ready to list your home for sell, it’s important to show it at its very best. Just as you might dress up to go to a party or head out on a date, your home should get a little spruced up as well before it is shown to potential buyers. Use these tips to help show off your homes best assets:Stage the OutsideLet’s face it, we all judge books by their covers and we all judge homes by their curb appeal. Make the outside just as appealing as the inside. Plant some fresh flowers, mow the lawn, add a chair or two to the patio area, make the grass is green, the driveway and walkways are clear and the outside is inviting and appealing.Keep Odors in Check You might be immune to the odors in your home, so ask a good friend or honest family member to give you an evaluation. Buyers are super sensitive to odd odors, pet smells, or offensive potpourri. For an added benefit, grind a lemon in the garbage disposal before each showing.Clean, Clean, Clean Buyers can’t focus on a home that has crumbs in the carpet, dog hair on the furniture and grimy bathroom walls. If you are incapable or unable to complete a thorough deep clean, hire it done by a professional and then keep it clean until it sells.Neutralize the Master Bedroom The master bedroom should appeal to both sexes, so replace gender-specific décor, paint and decorate in a neutral color with complementing accessories.De-Clutter Keep only what is absolutely necessary for living in your home. The average home should cut the clutter, décor, and personal items by 60 percent. Buyers should see your square footage, not your personal belongings.Let Your Light ShineBefore each showing, open every window and turn on every light and lamp in the house. Buyers love light and airy living rooms, so avoid looking dark and dingy.Give Each Room a PurposeBuyers get confused by “bonus rooms.” Rooms should be stage with a purpose. If it is an office, it should have a computer desk, bookcase, and nothing else. If it is a workout room, move out the desk and keep the treadmill clutter free.Don’t Hide Your Stash in the ClosetsPotential buyers will open every closet you have, so it’s not a space to hide your skeletons. Clear out unnecessary clutter, and organize the space to show off how much storage you really have.

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