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'Tis the Season to Sell Your Home

The San Jose area is in the midst of a very strong seller's market. With lots of interested buyers, but a serious shortage of available homes, the market is in your favor if you are thinking of selling your home.This limited supply of homes for sale has been driving housing prices up at a significant rate over the last year, but experts say that the rate of increase is starting to slow. For anyone considering selling their home, this is the time to act! It's important to keep in mind that although it's definitely a seller's market right now, mortgage rates are no longer at their record lows and opportunity for job growth is weak - this can drive potential buyers to reconsider, and wait for a later opportunity.Buyers, we know you're desperately seeking homes in the San Jose area. The good news for you is that the increases in housing prices ARE finally starting to slow, so don't despair! The bad news is that the housing inventory is still pretty slim. However, the holiday season is a great time to renew your search - expect to see more open houses during the next few months.Sellers, take advantage of festive holiday decor to throw a beautiful open house! This time of year in Northern California is perfect for staging your home - holiday colors are vibrant enough to jazz up even the plainest of rooms. Talk to a real estate professional for more tips to get your home ready to sell this holiday season.

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