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Wall Street Journal Launches Mansion

Finally there is a one-stop shop place for all of the luxury real estate in the country. The Wall Street Journal’s Friday edition will now include its new section called “Mansion.”"Mansion” will offer an in-depth coverage of luxury properties around the world and will focus on high-end financing, real-estate topics about specific, distinctive neighborhoods and select residences.Certain features of the new section will include not only stories and slide shows of the properties, but also include sections like “The Balance Sheet” that profiles a renovation project, “The Market” which is a data driven look at the luxury sector as a whole, “Inside Story” the profiles an individual home, “Portfolio” which looks into the real estate portfolio of a well-known person, “Jumbo-Jungle” about financing a luxury home in this market, and “Foreign Correspondent” which is a guide to buying overseas.Not only will “Mansion” be available in the traditional journal but also there for us with Ipads and Iphones, and other devices. Of course the Internet version will be available to all and hopefully, the full features like the slide shows on the prime properties will be shown with reasonable speed.This is an exciting opportunity to engage those readers and consumers of high-end properties, trends, and finance, too. The success of this new section looks to be stimulating not only for the luxury buyers, but also for those of us who like to take a peak into the buying and selling of the best properties in the world.

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