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Whole Foods is Coming to The Alameda!

Developers have begun work on a new Whole Foods store at The Alameda in San Jose. The newest location is scheduled to open in the summer of 2014.In an effort to create a shopping and dining experience that will combine fresh produce and a community gathering place, the new Whole Foods will also have a rooftop beer garden supplied from an on-site microbrewery. With a firepit and ample seating, the new rooftop area will be a great place for shoppers and diners alike to grab a beer and relax.The plans include 27,000+ square feet of space for the grocery store that will be self-sufficient in terms of energy supply, adjacent to the two-story brewery. It will be located on the corner of Stockton Avenue and The Alameda, within easy walking distance to the Diridon Caltrain station - a perfect transportation option for patrons who want to take full advantage of San Jose's newest microbrewery.

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